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Our Mission, Vision &



We are an Early Childhood Education Center dedicated to creating responsible citizens who are equipped to succeed in the Twenty-First Century. We aim to create an environment that nurtures an honest, respectful, reliable, and creative child who is capable of problem-solving through investigation and collaboration, and who is committed to the community and environment in which they belong.


Through a combination of the world’s most famous philosophies and curriculums, we aim to provide a high-quality Early Childhood Education Center. We strive to create an innovative and technology-rich environment that invites children from infants to age five to participate in meaningful, eco-conscious, enlightening, and creative learning experiences. We aspire to aid in the development of responsible and resourceful citizens of the world.


Orchard's modern-day educational program offers families a customized approach to early learning.
The foundation of our program was built on the core principles of various philosophies, one of which focuses on the multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner.
Our multidisciplinary approach to early childhood education has granted us the ability to strengthen students’ limitations through the implementation of a variety of learning processes.
Our results have been astounding! Orchard's educational program unlocks the hidden potential in children and fuels an insatiable desire to learn.

About Multiple Intelligences

Psychologist Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences states that human beings have many different ways to learn and process various types of information, all of which are surprisingly independent from one another.

Nature Smart

Understanding Nature and organic processes

Music Smart

Capacity to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music

People Smart

Understanding yourself, what you feel and what you want

Body Smart

Using one’s body in highly differentiated and skilled ways

In order to help our students excel and express their unique talents, our curriculum employs a wide variety of daily lessons and activities designed to strengthen each of the 8 intelligences. Enrichment programs like yoga help students express their bodily kinesthetic abilities while our music program helps though who are musically inclined.

His conclusion? The concept of a single intelligence was inadequate. A person’s capabilities should be measured by the strength of each of his or her “intelligences,” 8 of which Gardner identified and classified.

Number Smart

Skilled at deductive reasoning, detecting patterns, and logical thinking

Word Smart

A master of spoken and written language

Picture Smart

Seeing and mapping the world in 3D


Communication and reading people

Thanks to this approach, our parents receive keen insight into which intelligence their child shows exceptional ability in. Our program identifies hidden potential that often goes unnoticed in conventional schooling.

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Monday-Friday  7:30am-5:30pm

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