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Extra-Curricular Activities

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Aside from Orchard's extensive educational program, the school includes extra-curricular activity areas so that your child can continue to flourish.


In order to help our students excel and express their unique talents, our curriculum employs a wide variety of daily enrichment classes including yoga, dance, physical education, science, art, and music.

Yoga, for instance, allows students to express their bodily-kinesthetic abilities while our music program helps those who are musically inclined and our art program gives our students the opportunity to express themselves beyond language.

Thanks to this approach, our parents receive keen insight into which intelligence their child shows exceptional ability in.


Our curriculum identifies the hidden potential that often goes unnoticed in conventional schooling. Employing the Multiple Intelligence theory along with our extra-curricular enrichment classes throughout the year allows the child to focus and develop the intelligence paramount to them, allowing them and their abilities to flourish exponentially.

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Monday-Friday  7:30am-5:30pm

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