The owner, Tracie Sarkar, MS, MSW, LCSW has created an environment of inclusion where students with special challenges are able to work along side their peers in an inclusive environment. All students are encouraged to work on both academics and social/emotional skills.


The Orchard School believes in the philosophy everything in moderation. We celebrate holidays and birthdays for each student.


We look to nurture, shelter, role model and love each student. Careful attention is given to the words, gestures, toys, and activities so each child may flourish in the environment.

We work closely with parents and care givers to ensure the needs of each student are met.

We work within a developmentally appropriate framework allowing students to excel while we model respect and communication. Students feel confident and increased self-worth.

As educators, we strive to provide a well rounded education to all students including art, music, and cooking classes at no additional fee.

Positive reinforcement encourages each student while 1-2-3 Magic is applied as needed. Students are eager to please and are NEVER told they are bad. We address issues as a behavior and validate individuals. Students are given suggestions on how to incorporate desired behaviors.


The Orchard School uses an eclectic approach to create an intensive but developmentally appropriate curriculum that challenges each student at their own unique level.


We strive to create a warm, caring place for children to develop, learn and grow.

Offering preschool, daycare, before and after care, focused theme, social skills groups, after school homework help, family support, individual, group, family, and marital counseling for all ages.

The Orchard School has 3 acres including a real apple orchard and pears too, bike track, wading pool, several computers, club house, ball pit, and Life Room

Students are able to engage with peers to learn positive communication skills in groups like Drawing Group, Barbie Group and Pirate Group.

Students and families are welcome to participate in annual pumpkin picking, trips to the zoo, and visits to the Sandy Hook Beach.