• Tracie is an open-minded understanding, and unbiased counselor, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and psychiatric social worker in private practice offering individual, couple, marriage, group, and family sessions to anyone who needs help feeling happy, healthy, and motivated.  Services offered in West Caldwell and Sussex County locations.  You can find more information about Tracie at
  • Tracie is a generalist who can work with any issue.
  • Her experience includes working in human relations since 1988, in education since 1990, as a certified criminologist since 1993, counselor working in the judicial system from 1995-2000, as a psychotherapist since 2000, and as a licensed social worker since 2003. She has been a national certified clinical hypnotherapist since 2006 and a licensed clinical social worker since 2006. (NJ License Number 44SC05300700
  • Tracie is the owner and director of The Orchard School and The Orchard Center for Psychotherapy.


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